Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cleaning the Closet

Once in a while I get lost

Once in a while I feel down

Once in a while I feel overwhelmed

Once in a while I clean a closet

Cleaning the closet…a beginning and an end.

A sigh of relief over a job well-done.

Pull everything out

Assess it

What goes back in

What gets thrown away

Be discriminating

You don’t have to keep everything

Some things are a surprise

Some things are just nasty

And you wonder why you kept them in the first place

Cleaning the closet, like cleaning the cobwebs from your mind

Is good for the soul

It has a beginning

And an end

And you can deal with all the crap in the process

What do you keep?

How do you let it go?

Can you really give that up?

Yes, I can

When I get lost, I clean a closet

When I feel down, I clean a closet

When I feel overwhelmed, I clean a closet

When I clean a closet I feel better.

My mind is clear

My heart is free

My thoughts are organized

I’ve gotten rid of the crap

That goes along with living

That gets in the way of living

To make room for life

And all it has to offer

When I feel down, I clean a closet.

1 comment:

SandyCarlson said...

I like that a lot, Laurie. Makes me think of my mother's clothesline, funny enough. Laundry was for her what your closet is for you. For me, it's walking or watching the dog. His behavior raises the question, "Why is this important?" over and over agin.

There is comfort in that beginning and ending and realizing we are part of the physical universe that has a pulse.