Monday, March 2, 2009

Living a Simpler Life

My husband of 22 years and I talked about resolutions at the beginning of the year. Now, we don't make resolutions per se, because it seems that they never last more than a couple of weeks or so. I told him i wasn't interested in making any grand pronouncements this year. I just wanted to make a committment to live simpler, smaller. Appreciate the little things in life, spend less, save more.

I have a friend some of you may know, Sandy Carlson. Sandy was friends with my husband in high school and we have all gotten to know each other again this last year. One of the things I admire very much is her ability to notice the little things and appreciate them, whether they be mentioned in a poem or just in a picture she has taken. Sandy knows what is important and knows how to appreciate the little gifts, the little things.

Sandy ultimately led me to the blogging world just a month or so ago now. I have found a peace with my blog that I didn't know was missing from my life. I enjoy the satisfaction of posting a great piece and anticpate what type of comment, if any, it will spark. In exploring the blog world i have enjoyed exploring more than several sites, revisiting my favorites regularly.

One site that I am learning a lot from is her website is full of great tips and recipes. One of her features that I am currently following, in hopes of saving a little more money, is Daily Savings Club of 2009. If you, too, would like to conserve, recycle, save and live a simpler life, her site is well worth the visit.

It is March now and my husband and I have reached some goals in living smaller. Several changes included paying for groceries and out of pocket expenses all in cash while saving the checking account to pay bills only. We also have not gone out to dinner since the beginning of the year, we have opted to have breakfast or lunch out only occasionally. The kids bring their lunch to school every day and we bring ours to work most days of the week now. We have committed to all extra change being tossed into a 5 gallon water bottle as vacation savings for the coming summer. We will count and wrap it at the beginning of July and have told the kids that's the boardwalk money.

I am excited about 2009 so far and am so blessed to find myself caught up in a great community of people. Love and happiness to you all in 2009.


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